Finding Gumboots When Getting Safety Shoes

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Gumboots are among the more popular shoes you can spot from a safety equipment supplier. The gumboot has a distinct design to it and is ideal when you need an extra bit of protection over your feet and legs. But you should look at a few points when finding these shoes.

How Tall Are They?

Start looking for these safety shoes by reviewing how tall they are. Great shoes should be around 400mm in height if possible. The height is enough to go over your calf and offer a comfortable surface.

What Is it Made Of?

Lightweight materials are critical to the success of any gumboot. PVC is popular for being flexible and for having a rubber-like texture. It is also light in weight and can be made with a thin layout. Even with such a thin body, the PVC will still keep things from getting into your feet. The boot must be light enough to keep you from being worn down while moving.

How Is the Fit?

The fit on the safety shoes is important to see. The top part should have a comfortable body that stretches out a small bit as you put the boot on. As you wear the boot, the top should have a nice fit without adding lots of pressure to your skin.

What About the Heel?

The heel does not have to be too large. It could be around half an inch in size. A safety equipment supplier should offer a good boot that is not too deep.

Whatever the case, the heel needs to feature a non-slip rubber surface. This is good enough to keep the boot comfortable without it potentially creating a slipping hazard.

Gumboots should be ordered with all of these above factors in mind. We at AA Safety and Workwear will assist you with finding the right safety shoes that fit your feet and keep you protected. Contact us regarding your safety workwear and equipment needs today.


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